Garage Floors / Basement Flooring

Suitable Products: EverBase 2-ST, EverBase 2-DT, EverBase-ST, EverBase-DTEverDance


EverBlock Floors are perfect for both residential and industrial garage floor and basement floor use.  The wide range of colors and wood finishes of the EverBlock system enables to you to design unique and stylish floors, in 16 colors and 3 wood finishes, and to alternate colors as needed to create patterns and to achieve the desired look and effect.

Cover unsightly and damaged floors or simply add some pizazz to your existing concrete floor. Once installed, EverBlock Flooring will lay flat over the existing sub-floor and provide a more finished look in your garage or basement.

In basements, use EverBlock as a raised subfloor, onto which carpet and other surfaces may be installed. 

EverBlock garage floors can withstand the weight of vehicles and are easy to clean and install.

EverBlock garage floors can withstand the weight of vehicles and are easy to clean and install.

Installing EverBlock Modular Flooring

Easy to Install

EverBlock Garage Floors are quick and easy to install using our proprietary step-lock connection system. Simply align flooring modules and step down to engage the connection mechanism, creating a seamless and contiguous floor.  

Floors may be cut using a jig saw to accommodate walls or other obstacles and to ensure a close fit.  


Durable and Easy To Clean

Garage floors

EverBlock can handle the weight of heavy cars, furniture, motorcycles, equipment and is easy to clean with standard cleaning solutions. 

The floor itself is resistant to chemicals, oils, and automotive fluids and will stand up to the rigors of daily garage or basement floor use.

EverBlock Flooring is fully waterproof and may be used in damp and high-humidity areas.  Floors will not rot, warp, delaminate or become moldy, even when fully submerged.


Alternate Colors and Incorporate Patterns to Create Beautiful Garage Floors or Basement Floors


With EverBlock you can create amazing garage and basement floors that match your existing garage theme or home decor and you can enhance existing themes with additional colors, wood textures and patterns and designs.

Choose from our 16 standard colors or our 4 wood finishes, which can be alternated and interchanged to create beautiful designs and effects.  You can even inlay wood look floors within solid colored floors and vice-versa, creating amazing architectural effects. 

Utilize our EverBlock 3D virtual designer to visualize your floor in advance, allowing you to experiment with color, layout, and design, until you achieve your desired goal. 



Wood Finishes

Solid Colors


Add Transition Edging As Needed To Transition Onto The Floor

Basement floors

Utilize the EverBlock Transition Edging (ramps) to transition up onto the garage floor from the concrete floor below or from the basement sub-floor, allowing you to roll vehicles and equipment up onto the flooring.

The EverBlock Edging also protects the perimeter of the floor against damage and provides a more professional look and smoother transition. 


Integrates with EverBlock Modular Building Blocks to Create a Complete Garage or Basement Building System

Build garage and basement divider walls, counters, desks, storage shelving and more, all integrated with the EverBlock flooring below.  Add doors as needed to create storage rooms, offices, or other features within your garage or basement.

Simply utilize the EverBase or EverBase 2 Tile, with the connector lug option added, to provide a durable connection base for walls or other modular block features.